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Should You Buy a Used Embroidery Machine?

With the costs for modern embroidery machines steadily rising, this looks appealing to search the used market. Lower prices, together despite their reliability quality, ensure that hundreds of customers are drawn each year by used embroidery machines. Was it just a good way to acquire a machine?

Under the surface

The ad seems to be a perfect fit: it must market up to a larger computer with6-head motion. Three years old, well-maintained for, owner-operated, learning included. The owner of the computer, Jack, states that he possessed the machine for only six months, which is, in essence, the full length of time he was in the company of embroidery. Barbara, a new broker, is eager to see the machine and cement a deal that means substantial savings on a new machine.

As Barbara toured the shop of Jack, the computer perfectly stitched away with very little breaks in yarn. Barbara was willing to buy it on the spot, but Jack agreed to hold a deposit on the computer until a trained mechanic could test the system. A reputable technician found damage to the gear on one of the heads after inspection. Jack was ignorant of the harm because when he purchased the computer six months earlier, he had not carried out an audit. Nevertheless, at that point, the beginning of the degradation was certainly present, because the deterioration of the equipment was gradual, such as corrosion. Nevertheless, the sewing performance of the system has not yet been discernibly influenced. Jack shared the cost of the $1,000 repair with Barbara because the damage was discovered before the deal was inked.

The slight discoloration of metal parts might easily escape an attentive buyer’s notice, but it might be a warning to the trained eye to concealed danger. A detailed pre-sale review is a good policy, no matter how well you know the owner of a computer.


The most probable improvement in the past decade has been seen by the electronic components of embroidery machines. Does the prospective computer need access to letter keyboards as well? Aftermarket solutions are available, or an extra keyboard can be provided by the computer manufacturer. Look for a reliable system with good quality lettering and computer functionality, then do the calculation to see if the machine is still a contract.

Training & Support

The learning package from the former owner of the system might be worth exactly what it costs you-not much. The former owner may not have the same commitment to seeing it through after the money is in possession, despite good intentions. Verify if the instruction is mandatory from the supplier or dealer of the system if your learning is not as planned. And just because a person owns a machine does not necessarily mean that he understands or uses all the capabilities of the machine.

You will need a book of parts and accessories, the machine’s manual of the owner and wiring scheme. Be sure that you have them before the deal is finished. Contact your local provider to address service availability and cost. If appropriate, consult with owners of the same equipment brand in your zone.


A machine’s cosmetics are more essential than you might think; they represent the care given to the machine. Consider a dual head machine that has recently been sold in the industry to newcomers. The computer was in storage for a year, but it was immaculate when the shrink-wrap was cut. For these first-time machine owners, this seven-year-old machine was an outstanding investment because it was only lovingly worked by its master.

Finding a seller

There are several businesses in the business of selling used embroidery devices. Most are reliable, and this can be a good source for finding a computer easily. But never purchase a computer sight unseen or from a screenshot, even when working with an honest broker. You should still call for an account for a professional technician to test the computer.

Many hardware dealers sell used computers that have been approved on trade-ins. While the benefits may not be significant, they may help to retain important start-up or growth assets. Although the cost may be greater than an individual’s advertised, the purchasing plan also involves preparation and a guarantee. If you’re interested in a particular brand’s used computer, put your name on a waiting list with your regional supplier, as most used machines go quick once they’re available.

Transporting the machine

In most cases, the original machine shipping container has been disposed of for a long time, making it necessary to either have a specially built crate for shipping or uncrated shipping the used machine. You should use a carrier with a high-value division specialized in moving heavy yet fragile equipment if you are exporting a robot uncrated. Many carriers have vehicles in the container which drive the vehicle into the cargo area, complete with cranes on wheels. Due to the extra care required to carry an uncrated machine, this type of service is more expensive. If you have the system created, you can use any regular traveling or trucking line. Expect several hundred dollars; the price to move crated or uncrated is often about the same.

Know what you’re getting into

While many consumers are drawn to the costs of used machines on a budget, it is usually better to delay the purchasing of a used machine until you have some experience in embroidery. Misunderstandings and disappointments are less common when both buyer and seller are well-experienced. Keep in mind the following when contemplating shopping the used market: always have the unit checked and accept shipping before you make the final transaction.

Seek to watch the computer in action as far as possible.

Verify additional support channels for the specific brand of equipment.

Get machine documentation-parts and accessory books, manuals, and schematics for the owner.

Assess the time and labor savings of new models compared to the upfront savings on the machine being used.

If you’re just starting out, purchasing a used embroidery machine can definitely save you some time, and it can provide a perfect opportunity to expand the production capabilities of your shop if you’re already in the company. But the investment is an investment; make sure that before you create a chunky one, you purchase a safe, efficient unit. A little legwork and homework are all it takes.