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Few Interesting Facts About CBD

With the recent legalisation or the CBD and with the advent of using CBD’s natural properties for our health and wellness, there is so much hustle and bustle around this. We seem to see CBD all over the place. In all this hustle and bustle, we may tend to mishear, misconceive or misunderstand a lot about CBD.

Though CBD is very popular, there are a lot of things about CBD that we all still do not know. Also, there are a lot of myths intertwined with the facts that it is difficult to tell one from the other. Come, let us get to know few authentic facts about CBD in this article today.

Most important CBD fact

Myth and confusion about the CBD quality depending upon its source plant – There are a lot of confusion around this subject. Some feel that there are different quality or grades of the CBD depending on the plant from which it is sourced. This is a complete myth.

To understand this, you first need to understand what CBD is. CBD also called as cannabidiol is one of the chemical compounds, known for its relaxing effects and health benefits, extracted from the plant family cannabis.

There is also another very popular compound called the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This is known to have euphoric and intoxicating effect on humans. This is the main difference between the two compounds CBD and THC.

When you derive or extract the CBD from the hemp, it’s more suited for consuming as a health and wellness product as it contains very less, in fact traces of THC. While if the CBD is extracted from the marijuana, it contains lots of THC ratio.

This is why hemp is always the ideal choice for extracting CBD, which can be used in health products and food supplements.

Other CBD facts

  • CBD is the most popular phyto chemical. However, there are hundreds of such chemicals present in the cannabis plant family which can be beneficial to human body. When they are all consumed along with CBD it will have a synergistic effort on human health.
  • CBD growers can produce or cultivate based on our concentration requirements of CBD. There are a lot of plants that naturally produces CBD at variable concentration levels. We also have crossbreeding techniques which help us engineer our CBD levels.
  • CBD is ‘psychoactive’. Among all the other misleading concepts that are floating, the most important myth to be busted is that CBD is ‘non psychoactive’. However, it is a relogé to be assured that CBD definitely does not produce the high or the euphoric effect. It is not addictive.

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