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Wear Jockstraps When Working Out? Find Your Answers Here

The standard jockstrap has always been used in sports. They were introduced to the public in 1874. At that time, only the male bicyclists were the ones needing jockstraps. But these days, a jockstrap now has plenty of functions. So if you are buying one of these, it is crucial that you understand why you need it and how to find the best fit for you.

The Jockstrap Design

Every jockstrap has a very simple design. That is because they are purchased not for aesthetic purposes, but for the support and protection that it can provide. The waistband and the pouch area covers the private parts. The pouch is connected to the straps by the bottom and it runs between the legs and wraps around under the buttocks.

There are various types of jockstraps for different sports. But all of them have the same purpose. The pouch usually works as a sleeve where you can put a protective cup for baseball. In fact, jockstraps paved the way for the classic briefs to be created. And just like the jockstraps, briefs are also supportive because of how they fit and hold everything in place as they are right up against the skin. But unlike the jockstrap, briefs cover all of your buttocks.

Functions of a Jockstrap

A jockstrap is used to hold the male private parts in place and to suppress excessive motion. But you have to remember that not all jockstraps that you find in the market these days are the same. However, not all of these jockstraps can provide the support that you need. In fact, when it comes to the anti-bouncing purpose, that can also be given by a supportive pair of briefs. The difference if the jockstrap is that you can have an additional protective cap for extra security.

Should You Use a Jockstrap?

Some people are wondering whether or not they should use jockstraps. Back in the day, men’s jockstraps were only invented for certain sports. They are designed to hold an athletic, protective cup. But these days, many sports now require men to use protective cups before they will be allowed to play. The cups nowadays are made of plastic instead of the steel ones that people use in the past. Also, different sports require various types of cups.

For example, soccer requires a more flexible cup while boxers have to use a jock-cup combo for added protection. And for baseball, players need a cup that is hard and firm to protect themselves from the ball that can travel at high speeds and can possibly hit them. The most popular ones are baseball, hockey, boxing, fencing, football, and even lacrosse.

Also, jockstraps are now used for certain medical conditions such as senior sag, inguinal hernia, incontinence, prostate cancer, and so on. If you have that extra support, your body would be able to work harder for your recovery from these conditions.