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Ten cute slip-dress outfits for work

Ten cute slip-dress outfits for work

A slip is an undergarment for women that is worn beneath a dress or a skirt. These slips are worn beneath the transparent dresses to prevent showing off the underwear. We all know that slip dresses are incredibly stylish and versatile. Many girls also wear slips to prevent friction between the dress and the skin from a rough fabric.

Following are ten cute slip-dress outfits for work-

  • Business casual

There is no such thing in this world as being overdressed, and office attire need not be boring. We should be looking our dapper best at work. Wearing a satin slip dress beneath your blazer could make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd. It is the best outfit to wear for a business conclave.

  • Layer the slip dress over a turtleneck

Slip dresses are intrinsically bold items of clothing. Hence most of them tend to have a plunging neckline. You can, however, tone it down by layering the dress over a plain top! The most appealing part about a slips dress is that it can be layered with other outfits.

  • Don it with a structured blazer

You can combat the slips slinky outlook with a well-structured blazer. It will give your overall apparel a polished look and a very sharp finish.

  • Wear the slip with a soft sweater

You can choose this super comfy style if your workplace supports a more relaxed dress code. You can turn the slip dress into a skirt and select the sweater which goes on it the best.

  • Elevate your slip dress with a belt

A slip dress is elegant as it, and to add a feather in the cap, you can opt for a gold skinny belt. It makes the dress a little more polished and elevated. The belt highlights your waist and gives your body a toned look.

  • Using the dress with a denim jacket

A denim jacket never goes out of style and the best part is that it goes with almost anything! Slipping on a denim jacket with the slip dress looks very modern. For a more elevated look, you can grab a pair of your favorite sunglasses! It has become ubiquitous to wear denim jackets at workplaces as they have also started accepting the casual culture.

  • Slip dress with a faux leather jacket

Black is classic, and a leather jacket only reeks of elegance! A black leather jacket is one of the trendiest items of apparel you can own. It goes very well with a slip dress of a light color!

  • Black satin cami over a slip dress

If you are tired of your quintessential look, you can layer a black satin cami over the slip dress and make it look completely new!

  • Wearing a slip dress with a cropped cardigan

A cropped cardigan is the apparel which gives the slip dress the perfect layering, and it is the best thing to wear during winter or when you want to feel a little cozy.

  • Wearing a slip dress under a coat

When you have to attend your company’s formal event, wearing a trench coat over the slip dress is the best choice.