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Mens Ethnic Bottomwear that are totally must buys!

So the other day, I was buying lowers for men for the men in my family, and I realized, it is very difficult to find lowers for men especially in the ethnic section. So getting different types of pants for men is difficult because the options are limited.Lowers for men are not like lowers for women. The lowers for men come in very specific styles, but still, there are a few lowers for men that you must have.

With the right lowers for men, even the most basic outfits can shine. Because fashion trends change so quickly, men’s bottom wear is available in a wide variety of styles today.Men can now wander into a seriously trying region and are not limited to the standard, worn out examples and shades of jeans, pants, or nightgowns that interminably top off their storage rooms.You can make each outfit stand out with the help of this list of traditional bottomwear essentials for men.

You would appreciate the power of checked trousers if your style reads a bit more smooth and put-together, like a gentleman who is also a big brother.However, since your kurta serves as your canvas, stick to the essentials if you prefer dramatic looks.

  1. Dhoti

Dhotis have had a big impact on the history of Indian clothing.To give the dhoti a more fashionable and sophisticated appearance, wear it with a waistcoat.Typically, waistcoats, which can be plain or patterned, are worn with dhotis.A contrast waistcoat has a sophisticated appearance that is appropriate for festivals and weddings.Dress in a gold, royal blue, or red dhoti for weddings, and dress in white, cream, or plain black for formal events.

  1. Tribal bottoms

Wearing a dhoti may seem counterintuitive if you want to keep cool, but if you’ve looked around, you probably know about the wonderful harem pants.

The dhoti-like pants will give you a distinct advantage over any other type of pants because of their traditional silhouette, perfectly aligned drapes, and modern technique.For this one, all you need are kolhapuris and a short linen kurta.

  1. Classic Churidars

Men’s churidars are a classic pair of bottoms that should be in your closet.These churidars can be worn under kurtas, sherwanis, and even Indo-Western clothing.The result is amazing whether you kill this couple at a wedding, a formal office party, or just during festivals like Diwali and Durga Puja!


  1. Wild Print pants

It is true that a trouser with a full print is excessive, but you are not required to wear it with a printed kurta.

Color is the most important consideration when pairing printed trousers with ethnic attire.Prepare yourself, as prints were designed to create drama.With a solid kurta, you can even it out.However, keep it to about middle length.You shouldn’t cover up all that good stuff.

Make sure to pick up a pair of each of the lowers for men listed above because these are the best options for a man to pair with ethnic kurtis.