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Celebrity Sunglasses Spotter – Simon Cowell and Tulisa

To most of us who watch American TV all the time, Simon Cowell may be a little overrated. But so what? We all loved him for his sarcasm in American Idol and the X Factor. That simply proves why American Idol has lasted over a decade now and why X Factor has turned into a huge hit since its first season.

But behind the glitz and glamour, what is Simon Cowell really like? He claims that “what you see is what you get” and that he is the same old sarcastic guy in normal life. He likes to hang out with his fiancé (although just recently, they were reported to be on a break), and his young son. When it comes to fashion, the producer says that he’s all for comfort than glamour. Thus, explains why he’s always seen wearing a pair of washed out jeans, a simple tee, sneakers and his signature Ray-Ban Sunglasses. Ray-Ban aviators work well with feisty men like Simon. It’s sure to look great on you, too!

Tulisa Contostavlos is slowly turning into one of paparazzi’s favorites. She’s been making headlines for her skimpy outfits. And just recently, the singer-songwriter was seen in LA for work. But unlike her usual get-up, the X Factor judge wore a black and white checked dress. It was very much different from her body-clinging tight get-ups that she wears on most days.

But despite less skin and curves, the 23-year-old looked just as stunning. She matched her get-up with a pair of oversized sunglasses that complemented her oval-shaped face really well. It also concealed her identity from the eager paparazzi. The best thing about Tulisa’s choice of sunglass is that it could be worn with a wide range of get-ups. We bet even her skimpy dresses are sure to look great on them too!