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Support and Coverage – 2 Main Factors That Affects the Choice of Bras for Heavy Busts  

When our smaller busted friends go out for bra shopping with us, we often feel envious of the variety available for them. This happens with every heavy-busted woman at least once in their life. Heavy breasts do not allow us to experiment with various styles and designs of bras that we would love to buy but cannot wear.

It is always a treasure hunt to find a bra that is stylish and yet fits in the entire breast tissue without causing spillage and gaping. Finding a bigger cup size is another difficult task. Heavier breast tissue also needs more support and thus, most of the regular bras feel uncomfortable and can cause sagging of the breast tissues. Not to forget, it can permanently damage the ligaments that support our breasts.

Does that mean women with heavy breasts will always have to pick the same boring options? Not necessarily.

At De Bra’s in Australia, you can find unlimited styles of bras even if you have failed to find one anywhere else before. Heavy breasts should not be seen as a limitation to play with designs and styles of bras that you will want to wear and if you are searching on Google, “ perfect bras Australia”, De Bra’s is the best online store to find the right fit for you.

Tips for making bra choices for women with heavier breasts

  • For optimum support that heavier breasts require, focus on finding proper band support.
  • Wider straps will provide better support than thinner straps.
  • Upsize your bra if its straps dig in the skin and are painful while downsizing your bra if the straps keep slipping.
  • Check out with a professional to know the shape of your bust so that you can analyze where you want the maximum support and which areas of your breasts require lifting.
  • Measuring any change in breast size at least twice a year can help you in choosing the right bra size to keep you in comfort all year long.

Bras styles that cover heavy breasts seamlessly

  1. Minimiser bra:
  • This helps in the even distribution of the breast tissue preventing spillage.
  • Thus, you get an even-toned look on your bust line.
  1. Full coverage bra:
  • Choosing a full coverage bra with seamed cups can give your busts an amazing level of support while covering the breast tissue perfectly.
  1. No-sag bra:
  • Heavier breasts require more support otherwise they are also at a higher risk of sagging.
  • The no-sag bra has shaping slings that help in lifting the bust to get the sagging breasts into proper shape.
  1. Sports bra:
  • High impact sports bra covers the breast tissue from all sides and helps you in indulging in physical activities without worrying about spillage.
  1. Bralette:
  • Again, this design provides complete coverage and prevents spillage.
  • With its broad straps, it provides full support to heavy busts.

Pick up your shopping bags and change your bra style today if you are bored of wearing the same usual style every single day because of your heavier breast tissue.