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Grooming trends for 2018 that all men should know about

As the new season greets us with golden leaves and crisp mornings, new trends and ideas in mens grooming and fashion are also emerging. As the seasons change, so do the grooming and fashion industries, with new products, styles and techniques all clamoring for your attention. Here is a breakdown of the best the 2018 autumn/winter season has to offer.


The oncoming winter means central heating and changes (for the worse) in the weather. This makes your skin drier and tighter. To counteract this barrage of changing temperatures and dry air on your skin, opt for a richer moisturiser or post-shave balm. Remember that you should still be using an SPF on your face in winter to prevent aging from sun damage. Winter means not seeing the sun for so long that we forget what it is, but according to dermatologists and health officials, harmful UVA rays still penetrate through the clouds. Choose a moisturiser with at least SPF 15, and use stronger sun protection if you go on any winter holidays.


Remember grunge? Indie? Rave? They’re back, but thankfully only as inspiration in hair styling this season. The fashion shows were packed with styles that echoed the 1990s. Think strong layered cuts, pushed forward fringes, and even curtains. Though the modern take on the ’90s look is softer and neater, keep layers and Cobain-inspired longer cuts in check with matte styling products used sparingly. Leave the greasy look in the ’90s where it belongs.

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You’ve packed away your shorts and muscle vests until next summer, so it’s time for a revamp of your autumn/winter wardrobe. Breathe some life into your winter threads with mens designer shirts, scarves, and warm accessories. Don’t fancy going shopping in the autumn rain? Stay at home wrapped in your onesie (we won’t judge) and shop online for your winter fashion kit at stores such as for a full collection.Then you can be ready and on trend for when you do actually leave the house.

While the end of summer can feel bittersweet, the new season means you can make a fresh, new start. Shake off those incoming autumn and winter chills with a breath of fresh air into your grooming routine.