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Wearing The Combat Kilt Can Make A Man More Badass Soldier!

You thought that the kilts were just meant to be in the war and historical movies about Scotland or on occasions that celebrated the Scottish lifestyle? Well, then you are totally wrong! Kilts are greatly in demand for daily clothing, from gyms to workplaces to the outdoors; kilts are making a fantastic presence felt all over the place. Evidently, the British military is no exception, and the soldiers wearing a combat kilt as part of the battle uniforms is making news lately.

Why Would Soldiers Desire To Wear A Combat Utility Kilt?

Xegis combat solutions have done a wide-ranging study of 5 battle uniform prototypes with military units posted in Afghanistan. The outcome of the survey showed that each new uniform type needed a few modifications in fit or fabric, with the exception of one, kilts. The study also showed why these soldiers were ready for action about wearing highlander Combat kilt on the battlefield. Better ventilation, personal comfort, urination qualities, simple maneuverability, and more significantly, an increase to the confidence were leading causes why these kilts topped this survey.

The Kilted Soldiers Are Better Than The Rest:

The committee of performance review also brought a few more merits into the open that the kilted soldiers showed over the non-kilted ones. The data analysis exposed the soldiers wearing the kilts performed better every time for the complete course of the tour. Compared to the pants-wearing equivalents, the soldiers wearing kilts accounted for fewer fatalities, ensured more armaments were confiscated, imprisoned more of the Talibans, and found more IEDs. In brief, they were usually more badass as compared to the soldiers wearing pant counterparts.

The Top Generals Speak In The Favor Of Kilts Too:

It’s not just the committee of performance review that’s talking about the kilts for the soldiers. The top Generals of the army as well echo the views that are in favor of soldiers wearing kilts on the battlefield. Major General Dempsy believes that the wearing of the kilt results in more successful soldiers at work. The throwback to the ancient fighting, the camouflage kilt, is as modern as any other combat accessory or forces uniform. Other soldiers also agree with what the Major General has said about the soldiers who wear kilts on the theatre of wars and that they are better soldiers than the rest and can perform better in the war and win it in the end.

Move Over The Cargo Pants; The Kilts Are Here To Stay:

The armies of a lot of countries comprising the UK are doing away with the cargo and the camouflage pants that were quite a standard for the uniforms of soldiers until recent times. If it’s contented clothing for the combat, the kilts are making a great comeback, and they are now here to stay. Go on, now is the best time for you to get the kilt and prove that you are a more badass soldier than anybody else on the theatre of war!